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Death's Demand // I AM Series Pilot

PT. 1 // The Pitch

I sat staring at a broken man’s body in a hospital room, corrupted by years of alcoholism and a simple thought repeated in my mind; “It’s one thing to argue about whether or not Jesus’ death and resurrection is real when you are in a coffee shop. It’s another thing when you are looking death in its face and don’t have an answer.” Death demands an answer. No one can argue with its power and inevitability in our lives.

When on earth, Jesus confronted death’s ugly face on various occasions. While he did still weep and lament over death’s toll on his dear friend Lazarus, he did not end his response to death with just empathy and mourning. He answered death’s demand with a scandalous, powerful claim. 

Listen and Watch // Jesus' Words // John 11: 25-26

PT.2 // The situation 

In John Chapter 11, Did you notice what Jesus’ spoke about himself?  He claimed that he had power over death itself. He allowed the sad situation with Lazarus to bring God in heaven praise through His supernatural actions to help people believe that Jesus was not just a good friend, not just a man, but God himself. Who else could raise a dead corpse to life? Also, don’t miss what he states after the “I AM the Resurrection and the Life” claim. He says, "Believe in him and you can have the same hope when facing death yourself. He displayed this power thru his recently deceased friend Lazarus." Jesus himself was going to eventually be killed on a cross in a few weeks and foreshadowed that he would also raise himself up from a grave as the prophesied Divine Messiah - the Victor over death’s demand. 

What is your answer to it’s death’s demand? 

How will you argue with death when it, in whatever form, comes knocking on your temporary body and demands an answer. Jesus had compassion on his friends in their difficult trail. He has the same love for you and compassionately took our eternal death on the cross and answered death’s demand over us for eternity. He wants you to know a life giving relationship with Him as your Messiah and friend. He wants you to have hope in a world full of death that He will also raise anyone who believes in Him when you or this world passes away. For the  Follower of Jesus Christ, we are given a solid answer through Jesus for death’s demands. 

Dig Deeper //

1. Have you ever felt the despair of unavoidable death?

2. Did you have an answer for it?


Author // Esteban Shedd