Divine DNA contains Genesis, chapters 1- 6 and the entire Gospel of John. Humble Beast artists Courtland Urbano, Theory Hazit and Moral ONE (of ALERT) scored large portions of the project; along with label mates Propaganda, Odd Thomas and Boogalu (of ALERT) lending their voices to major characters of the books. Divine DNA features over 30 different voices from various church bodies and geographic locations!

Divine DNA communicates the themes of Creation and the Fall in Genesis 1-6; This is a vital building block to communicate our need for a Savior in Jesus and Redemption in the Cross, as found in the Gospel of John.
Due to the large quantity of content and production necessary to create an audio Bible —Streetlights will be released in volumes combining thematic packages and whole books of the Bible. Divine DNA represents the first volume in the series. 

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VOLUME 2: The Blueprint

The curriculum portion of Volume 2: The Blueprint aims to soundly teach Biblical truth as found in Exodus 1-20 and the book of Romans in a clear, simple and relevant presentation.

We want to equip you with simple studies to help spark biblical conversation in your discipleship relationships. See these lessons as a spring board for deeper discussion with your students. The curriculum is divided into 2 parts - 8 lessons each.

Part One is a study of the book of Exodus, chapters 1-20. The objective in studying Exodus 1-20 is for the student to see God’s “blueprint” and plan to deliver the Israelites and us. These 8 lessons are intended to engage the student beginning with relevant issues and ending with Biblical truth found in the book of Exodus. Our hope is that is that anyone, regardless of worldview, can engage in spiritual conversation as a result of these lessons.

Part Two is a study of the book of Romans.

The objective in studying the book of Romans is for the student to have a basic understanding of these 8 Christian truths: Righteousness, Condemnation, Justification, Salvation, Sanctification, Glorification, Sovereignty and Transformation. These lessons cover deeper theological content, so it is recommended that at minimum the students have gone through the Exodus lessons before engaging in the Romans lessons.