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Streetlights’ relationship with Humble Beast spans back to the infancy of both entities. 
To make a long story short, Odd Thomas and Braille invested many hours of labor, phone calls and favors to help build the foundation that Streetlights operates on today.

And Humble Beast’s fingerprints can be found all over Streetlights’ tools. From Propaganda narrating Genesis 1-6, to Courtland Urbano producing the score. Having Odd Thomas read the book of Romans to Braille mixing and mastering the latest Audio Bible installment.

Not to mention ALERT312 being the founding members of Streetlights.

With that being said, the Streetlights & Humble Beast relationship is very natural and organic. But the two are looking to make their ongoing partnership more intentional. 

Humble Beast featured Streetlights in their December newsletter, writing an in depth article expounding on our roots, our cause, and our tools. 

Look out for more SL & HB collaborations in the near future.

The article is embedded below.
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2 Timothy 3:16 || All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. [NLT]

One of our core convictions at Humble Beast is to communicate the truth of God’s Word in all we do. It is infused in the songs we write, the albums we produce, and every ministry opportunity the Lord gives us. Around the same time that Humble Beast was conceived, a project was being birthed in Chicago by the guys of Alert312 with the same intent - to communicate and teach the Scriptures so that ALL can understand. It was a project called Streetlights - an urban audio Bible and multimedia curriculum geared toward delivering the Bible in a format that all could access - regardless of literacy level or educational background. 

 Streetlights is a simple yet dynamic idea: Scripture read word for word over a hip hop soundtrack. 

Imagine Propaganda, Odd Thomas and countless other vocalists passionately declaring Scripture over beats by Courtland Urbano, Wit (Collision Records) or Moral One (of Alert312)- you’ll find it to be a unique, creative and one of a kind Bible listening experience!

The vision was born as a response to the realistic need seen in the inner city ministry context where many of the youth struggle to read - even at high school age.  Upon hearing about this project from Esteban “Boogalu” Shedd (MC of Alert312), Humble Beast saw the like-minded heart and vision and joined in the production of this unique and necessary approach to Scriptural engagement.

Streetlights grew from initially being an audio Bible to becoming an urban-focused multimedia curriculum. Building on the audio Bible tool,  Streetlights now offers Scripture narrated videos and a 16 lesson curriculum that teach through Old and New Testament truths. These 3 tools are slickly packaged into volumes box sets.

 So far, two thematic Box Sets have been released. Volume 1: Divine DNA, which covers the doctrines of Creation, Fall & Redemption through the passages of Gen. 1-6 & the Gospel of John. 

Volume 2: The Blueprint, which explores the themes of Law and Grace as seen in Exodus 1-20 & Romans. 

Currently, the guys are recording the entire New Testament in audio form and will begin releasing books in the New Year. 

We’re very excited about Streetlights so we invite you to experience it for yourselves!  All friends of Humble Beast will receive a 20% discount off all Streetlights products. 

Visit their store and simply enter the code HBSL14 at check out. 

We invite you to purchase these tools and implement them into your ministry context - whether student or leader. 

So make sure to keep up with what Streetlights is doing! 

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