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Streetlights Apparel. Re-Imagined.

Purchasing the Essentials, 5 Sacred Senses, and ALERT312 Collections are a fresh and simple way you can directly support Streetlights.
Check out our brand new Essentials, 5 Sacred Senses & Alert312 Merchandise Collections below.

The Essentials Collection

Clean, minimal and simple. The Streetlights Essentials collection has all of your key apparel pieces ready to wear with the re-branded Streetlights logo. Each piece purchased helps to support the mission of Streetlights. Enjoy!

The 5 Sacred Senses Collection

Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch and Taste. These are the 5 senses sacredly made by our Lord. Imaginative and potent, we took the 5SS idea and designed a line of tee’s that conveyed God’s creative expression in our senses. Grab a piece and support the Streetlights mission today!

Alert312 Collection

Alert312 is made up by the Streetlights Team. The Trio, Esteban, Aaron and Loren are musicians and proclaimers at heart. Alert312’s unique sound and lyrical expression translates into a musical spectrum of Hip Hop, Latin and World sounds with an eclectic mofongo of sound and thought. The apparel collection needed to mimic that sound and the city they call home, Chicago. Grab the expression tees and accessories today and support the expanding ministry of Streetlights.