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Corner Talk Teaching


Corner Talk is our brand new multimedia teaching platform aimed at serving those who are new believers or know very little about God's Word. It's our conviction that the Biblical answers for a complex world must be chopped up plainly, authentically and potently - especially for a generation growing increasingly estranged from Gospel truth. Corner Talk pairs solid teaching with relevant direct-to-palm videos to help unpack God's Word to meet the everyday person on the corner.

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CORNER TALK #1: I Am Series w/ Esteban Shedd
Kicking off 'Corner Talk' with a dynamic film series based on the claims of Jesus, the Streetlights team begins the conversation where controversy and compassion often meet with the person of Jesus. Esteban digs into the statements of Jesus from the Gospel of John and relays the questions that are asked not only to those in the Scriptural context but to us; "Who does Jesus say He is, and what do you believe that means for us?" Both through film and teacher, let yourself listen, watch and imagine the metaphors of Jesus' I AM statements over an 8-part series for our modern context and our personal lives.


CORNER TALK #2: Faith Flyover w/ Warner Miller
Faith is a catch word. 'Faith in this. Faith in that.' But what is faith, really? Are there elements of truth we loose when we believe that faith is just whatever you make it? Our culture tells us to believe whatever, wherever and it's all good. Warner Miler approaches the concept of faith through a 7-part teaching series called 'Faith Flyover'. But what does God have to say on faith and in particular from His perspective. What is God's angle on faith? Let Warner engage you honestly and candidly by breaking down Bible passages, asking the questions all humans ask and seeking some solid concepts of what it means to know and have faith in God. 

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