Corner Talk "I AM" Series


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#4 Home Coming

Home Coming

Jesus describes human beings to be like sheep.  A good modern-day metaphor for us being like sheep is childhood.  As kids, we need a home, guidance, and protection.  Children can easily wander off without guidance. You ever been there?  I have a million stories.  In John 10, Jesus is breaking down the fact that we are like sheep needing to follow His voice and receive the care of an authentic certified Shepherd to get home.  Through this picture, he emphasizes our need to know who to follow and who not to follow. 

We all have many voices telling us what to believe and acting as our spiritual guides to God.  Jesus draws a line in between himself and all other teachers.  He makes the point that outside of a True Shepherd’s care that we are in danger.  What danger? Simply put, a life lived outside of God’s guidance can equal a deceived life here on earth and one that won’t lead to an everlasting life with God after death.  This picture may seem weird to us in our modern-day context, but don’t worry, even the crowds around Jesus were confused.

Thankfully Jesus doesn’t stop his illustration.  He continues in John 10 to speak specifically about Himself being the Gate to eternal safety with God.  There is no other way to enter into God’s care without knowing and trusting in Jesus.  So, who are the thieves and robbers he speaks about?  The thieves are anyone else who came before or after Jesus claiming that they were the Middle Man or the “Gate” between God and man.  The thieves could be other religions, false saviors, or a “let me get mine” culture deceiving you into not believing in Jesus as the only Gate to enter into God’s family.  So how do we go through this Gate, Jesus?  Learn who he is, what he did on earth for you and why he did it.  Then, trust Him for his claim - He is the Gate to know God.

Visualize getting home, walking through the gate, and being safe from harm under the care of a Good Shepherd and Father.  This is a picture of Paradise.  Jesus is gathering up his kids like sheep from all streets, neighborhoods, and backgrounds. 

Have you heard him calling you home to know God?