Corner Talk "I AM" Series


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#5 Where Can I Run?

Where Can I Run?

Would you entertain a conversation with Jesus if he was talking right in front of you? When he was here on this earth, He spoke to sick beggars, prideful pastors, grieving sisters, prostitutes, 12 misfit disciples - all with personal stories, baggage, and backgrounds.  All of these characters are relatable to you and me in some way.  That's why when Jesus talks about being a Good Shepherd in John 10, I feel like he is talking directly to me.

Two points stand out.  First, Jesus states, there is no Shepherd like him who would sacrifice his own life for the people he cares for.  He proved His devotion to us by dying on a cross on our behalf.  He is not like a hired worker who only protects the sheep for money.  That goes beyond solely having a job.  That is proof of his love.

Do you see similarities between yourself and a sheep needing a Shepherd?

No other religion expresses a personal Savior God coming to take care of humanity in documented history.  Again, this claim is not just for the characters in the story for but for us.  Jesus states, "I have other sheep, too, that are not in this sheepfold.  I must bring them also.  They will listen to my voice, and there will be one flock with one shepherd."

Secondly, Jesus proves he has the power to accomplish the job he has.  He has the power to die for us and take his life back up again to defeat our spiritual enemies of sin and the Devil.  Because of his love, he gave up his life and was then raised from a grave to overcome sin and death.  Jesus documented this fact in human history as recorded in the Bible so we would know Him and come under His care for our life now and after we die. 

Like the girl ran to God and His Word in the Streetlights video, Jesus calls us to come to him. You know Jesus' voice by hearing his message about himself in His Word and by deciding whether you accept him as a Good Shepherd or not. You can run to him. He desires to be your Good Shepherd and care for your soul. 

Do you believe you have spiritual enemies or not? Who or what are they?

How does Jesus’ claim of being a Good Shepherd for humanity relate to his actions on the cross and his Resurrection?