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Missional Creatives // How We Work

Missional Creatives // How We Work

We are an army of missional artists. We are driven by a mission to create, produce and deliver God's Word for discipleship and God's glory.
Streetlights' dynamic audio Bible and teaching tools are a work of God's Church so all can know Jesus and the transforming knowledge of Him through His Word.  These are our Creative Offerings.

Producer // Daniel Steele

Producer, sound designer and long time Streetlights musical collaborator Daniel Steele brings the SL Team into his home studio and talks though his production process and how we all became friends! Plus he chokes a tambourine at the end...

Vocalist // Odd Thomas of Beautiful Eulogy

We head to Portland, Or and talk with Humble Beast founder and long time Streetlights supporter Odd Thomas on his recent involvement with Streetlights, the value of God's Word and the heart of what Streetlights does.

Producer // Moral One of Alert312

Moral One: ALERT312 producer & Streetlights Bible audio production manager takes us through his creative process as he handles the production for the book of Titus.

Producer  //  Ohmega Watts

The SL Team talks with producer, DJ and good friend Ohmega Watts as he visits the Streetlights studio in Chicago. Ohmega Watts takes us through his production process while creating the soundtrack for 1 & 2 Peter. 

Vocalist // Joseph Solomon

Joe Solomon sits with the SL Team and shares his recording experience and the power of recording God's Word in audio format.

Vocalist//  Braille of Beautiful Eulogy

The SL Team heads to Portland, OR to talk to Braille about his recording experience with Streetlights, how he first met the SL team and the unique relationship between the Scriptures and music. 

Vocalist // Pastor Tommy Kyllonen (Urban D)

Pastor Tommy (aka Urban D) talks about his personal use of Streetlights, the value of Streetlights and his experience recording the book of Galatians. 

Watch Skrip and Moral One talk through their musical collaboration to bring the 1 Corinthians soundtrack to life in the latest installment of our Creative Offerings series.


Vocalist //  Pastor Rich Perez

The SL Team is in NYC and talked to Pastor & Uptown native Rich Perez while recording his vocals for 1 & 2 Peter. Rich talks about his Uptown neighborhood, the culture and how a tool like Streetlights can bridge the gap and help engage people with the scriptures.