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Moving Forward: Spanish Psalms Production & Global Team

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We are blessed to work with the diverse and global Body of Christ. This is one of the sweetest parts of the Streetlights ministry - we create with God's People! This week, we continue the production of the Spanish Salmos (Psalms) with our team in the Dominican Republic. This important partnership - alongside other Global Teams in Spain, San Juan, and Mexico City - will pave the way to create the Streetlights Spanish Audio Bible, just as we have done in English. For updates connect with us on our Social Media Channels. You'll see the work being done real-time and meet the amazing Global Team in Santo Domingo. This week, please pray for the work being done in the DR!

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If you have already given towards the Streetlights Spanish Audio Bible - Thank You! We are extremely grateful to everyone who has generously contributed. We are taking those gifts and putting them directly into the development of the Spanish Audio Bible and paving a path for its direct use throughout Latin America, Spain, and the USA.

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- SL Team