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"Streetlights, 'How do you guys do all of this?'"

That's a question we are often asked. Our sincere and first answer is, "The Lord!" We often pray, “God, help us to accomplish much with what we have - just like Nehemiah did when he built the wall in a much quicker time than expected and with a lack of resources or experienced workers. Our second answer is that we also love working hard towards the call God has given us and we deeply value what happens under this ministry. BUT the third, huge answer is that we are rich in ‘missionally-driven’ people. An army of volunteers in our Local and Global Teams make the gears move for Bible production, delivery, engagement, all the way down to volunteers who consistently pray for us. There are so many incredible people we are “rich with” that make Streetlights happen in all of its aspects. Take a glance and meet them. This gallery, by the way, is not exhaustive by any means; this only scratches the surface of the people who are involved and for whom we are deeply thankful to God.

Local Staff in Chicago

Esteban Shedd / E. Director & Creative Director

Aaron Lopez / Director of Audio, Music & Events

Loren La Luz / V. Director & Director of Operations

Local Freelancers, Volunteers, & Interns ! Matthew, Anne, Raquelle, Anthony

Local & Abroad App Coders, Cinematographers, Music Producers, Vocalists & Actors!

Ministry Partners & Creative Volunteers Across the Country: NYC, Portland, LA, Dallas + More

Global Volunteers & Teams

Streetlights Spanish Teams recording, filming, and paving the way for SL Spanish Audio Bible and Teaching to go forward into ministry: Barcelona, Santo Domingo, San Juan, Mexico City + More

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We got family all over the world who are hitting us up asking to build with “their” ministry Streetlights. We are more responding to them than anything else, to what God has laid on their heart for how to take the Gospel forward to this generation! Clearly God is knitting us all together for the Gospel and His Word to be known in this global-urban-digitally driven world”
— Esteban Shedd

Streetlights Wolof Teams recording, filming, translating and paving the way for SL Wolof Audio Bible and Teaching to go forward into ministry: Western Africa - Dakar, Senegal

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Streetlights UK Family video editing, filming, and Bible recording : London, UK

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Please support the all of those who are serving God and people with their gifts through the ministry of Streetlights!

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