Photo Campaign Concept Form

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Streetlights // Alert312 - Photography Campaign Concept Form

It’s our desire to get creating as smoothly and as fast as possible. This takes a bit of communication and organization. We know campaigns take work and execution is found in the details. We also want expectations set up well out of the gate so we can all enjoy the process together. So here is a list to line up our Creative Photography concepts. This will become second nature wants we lock down some good shoots. Don’t feel like you need to fill out everything if you don’t have an answer. This form is simply here to help us get great concepts down, collaborate together and execute well. OH YEAH, any thoughts on how to make it better, let us know! - SL Team

Concept Creator's Name *
Concept Creator's Name
List out main Photographer Name and any production team involved
List Number of Talent Needed and Short Descriptions
Short descript of where the shoot will happen. Could be an address or just a specified area.
Provide Online Photo Reference(s)
Check One and We can talk through as well
Other than the camera, any equipment needed?
General Ranges of Estimated Expense
Please deliver files in the specified version below
Did anything escape the form??? List it out here.
Mailing Address
Mailing Address
Provide an address where Streetlights/Alert312 goods and/or props can be sent to for the photoshoot.
Phone Number of Necessary Contacts for the Photoshoot