Everyone should
be able to hear and
understand God's word.

Multimedia Bible

Streetlights is the world's first Urban Multimedia Bible, using Audio, Video and Curriculum tools to communicate the transforming Word of God.

Urban Audio Bible

Urban Audio Bible

Word for Word Scripture set to a hip hop soundtrack.

Scripturally Narrated Videos

Scripturally Narrated Videos

10 Videos Narrated with Scripture that engage students visually with Biblical topics.

Multimedia Integrated Curriculum

Multimedia Integrated Curriculum

16 lesson curriculum focused on teaching foundational Christian doctrine.


Packaged in digital and physical formats for convenient use

Simple, easy to understand translation (NLT)



Continual Content

We produce Streetlights in a Volume Format, including content from the Old and New Testament

At least 4 months of multimedia study material per volume

Made with the frontline leader in mind and the seasonal ministry


Well produced

Industry standard quality

Engaging and culturally relevant


Ambitious & Categorically Unique


Free distribution to your ministry leaders and young people within immediate network

Volumes Available

VOL 1: Divine DNA

GENESIS 1-6 & Gospel of John

VOL 1: Divine DNA

Volume 1: Divine DNA is Streetlight's first thematic volume; exploring the truths of man's creation and fall as found in Genesis 1-6 and God's redemption plan for man in the life and death of his son Jesus, as found in the Gospel of John.

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VOL 2: The Blueprint

EXODUS 1-20 & Romans

VOL 2: The Blueprint

Volume 2: The Blueprint examines Exodus 1-20 and the book of Romans to reveal God's Blueprint of Salvation for mankind - moving from Law to Grace; surveying the Israelite's exodus from slavery in Egypt to the giving of the Law at Sinai; to Paul's tenacious explanation of God's grace found in the Gospel message. Volume 2: The Blueprint is an exciting and engaging study of God's Scripture.

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How To Use Streetlights

Multimedia tool with many uses

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About Us

We started the Streetlights project a few years back because so many of our young people could not simply pick up God's Word and read it for themselves. Illiteracy, lack of education, and lack of parental presence alerted us day after day that we needed to do something about delivering God's Word in a way that all people - especially our youth - could understand. We love young people and we want to see them flourish in God's truth for their lives.

We believe Streetlights can be an essential tool for anyone doing life-on-life discipleship. We started with the main goal of serving the young people in our local churches and neighborhoods and now take great joy in resourcing the body of Christ throughout the world. We invite anyone looking to teach and disciple young people in God's Word, to use the resources we provide. It is our goal to continue to mobilize phenomenal vocalists, musicians, producers, videographers, editors and writers to continue creating more volumes that will resource the church.

We work with Tyndale House Publishers using their translation of the Bible, the New Living Translation. We believe the NLT is a great translation for those who are interacting with the Word of God for the first time and it also has worked well with our artistic approach to delivering God's Word.

Streetlights is produced by a three-man team housed at GRIP Outreach For Youth, in Chicago. GRIP is a local ministry whose main objective is to "father the fatherless" in our city. We are completely funded by the giving of our supporters and pray that you will join us in these efforts.