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Biblical Tools to Teach //

We use audio, video and curriculum tools to communicate the transforming Word of God.

With these tools, our community of users are able to engage and teach the Scriptures in a relevant format. Streetlights was founded in 2010 and released the first volume in 2012. Our multimedia products are used by leaders and students who have a desire to learn and teach the Scriptures through a creative and dynamic means. 


"OUR PASSION IS to see ALL people, regardless of the Level of education or knowledge of the Bible, ENGAGE THE SCRIPTURES."

Produced by an ARMY OF Professional & MISSIONAL Creatives //

Producing an urban tailored audio Bible with multimedia tools is a monumental task.

It requires vocalists, musicians, producers, videographers, writers, and editors working in conjunction to produce the multiple projects Streetlights offers. The result of professional gifts merged with the powerful content of the Word of God is dynamic! You have to listen, watch and engage to truly understand. 

The driving force behind Streetlights is our passion to see youth with low reading levels and limited knowledge of the Bible engage and learn the Word of God.

Streetlights core team //

We are a 3 man team from the city of Chicago - Loren La Luz, Esteban Shedd, Aaron Lopez. We are involved in our local churches and are active ministers, musicians, producers and fathers. We have personally seen and heard the benefits of using Streetlights as a discipleship tool.

In the early 2000s, we met as students at the highly respected Moody Bible Institute, located in downtown Chicago. We all shared in the common desire to learn the fundamentals of our Christian faith and be able to go back and teach them to our under resourced communities. Ministry and music would become the greatest factors in helping us shape how we would go on to teach Scripture engagement.

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We know and understand the challenges leaders can face in local churches.

We know how it feels to have no time, no budget and the challenge of keeping students engaged while in study. This is why we make our tools dynamic, affordable and easy to distribute. 

We are taking advantage of the digital world we live in to get the Word of God into as many hands as possible. We make all of our audio available for free download and we grant you the freedom to distribute our curriculum at will within your local church context.

Our Parent Ministry & Mission //

We believe in life-on-life discipleship. Our tools are created as simple studies to help spark Biblical conversations in your discipleship relationships. We see our lessons to serve as a spring board for deeper conversation.

We take on the identity of our parent ministry GRIP Outreach For Youth. Streetlights is one of five branches that serve under GRIP, whose main aim is to break the fatherless cycle through Christ centered life-on-life relationships.


We are firm believers in that it takes the body of Christ to grow and teach the church. This is why we are so grateful for our partners.

In 2010, Tyndale House Publishers allowed our team to use the rights of the New Living Translation (NLT) to produce our first volume. We also received great wisdom and counsel from a label that was at its origin as well, known as Humble Beast Records. Through these relationships, it proved pivotal in getting us started on the right foot in becoming a production house.

Love the Scriptures?  Love the Arts?  Want to get involved?